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Big job? Call the experts

GMA stands for Grounds Maintenance Australia, but we handle a bit more than commercial gardening these days.

GMA is a fully licensed Class-A and Class-B asbestos removalist. And that’s good news, because the last thing you want to do with commercial or domestic asbestos, silica or contaminated dust, is tackle it yourself.

GMA has carried out safe asbestos disposal all over Australia. We’ve got a 24-hour call-out service, so we’re available any time, and our shiny fleet of trucks, excavators, vacuums and forklifts are all OHS-approved.

Trust us, we’ve seen it all: asbestos in roofs, walls and cladding, asbestos-contaminated soil, silica dust, bad boiler flues.

Whatever the problem, we can whip up a quote within 24-hours, and we’ll beat any competitor’s price by 10%.


Tough Job? Tight Deadline? Call the Experts!