Asbestos Tile to Tin

When: April 2022

Client: Tile to Tin

Job value: $15k

Job and challenges: When undertaking an asbestos tile roof strip on a residential property – time is of the essence.

Mismanagement or delays can leave your property exposed to the elements, which can cause damage and excess costs.

This is why GMA go the extra mile in liaising with everyone involved. Ensuring the second we have finished our job, the roofers are on site and ready to safely do theirs.

What steps do we take to ensure the project runs without issue or delay?


We provide a site audit:
A certified GMA asbestos professional will conduct a thorough inspection of the area to determine the extent of the asbestos-containing materials and the appropriate removal method.

We plan and prepare:
The area will be isolated, and all occupants will be evacuated during the removal process. We also create an action plan to mitigate any other risks, such as nearby powerlines or areas of damaged roof.

We liaise directly with external contractors:
There is no point removing the asbestos tiles if the site can’t be cleared or the roofers can’t be on site until next week. We ensure all parties are scheduled in advance to facilitate a safe and seamless handover.

We keep an eye on mother nature:
When exposing a property to the elements, we don’t take chances. We keep an eye on the forecast and won’t hesitate in rescheduling if the weather is going to be wet or windy.

We follow strict working at heights legislation:
Whenever we are working at heights, our number one priority is safety. We arrive on site with all the tools or machinery required to access and scaffold the site. We also put measures in place to ensure no asbestos containing materials fall to the ground, causing further contamination.

We provide a detailed handover:
Before leaving the site, we will ensure that all asbestos contamination has been removed so the roofing team can safely get to work. We will also brief them on anything we uncovered in the removal process.

It was critical that all work be carried out in accordance with working at heights legislation and asbestos regulations… whilst making sure we didn’t leave the residents without a roof!

We were on time and on budget, allowing the new roof to be fitted on schedule.