Fast Class A & Class B Removal

When: Nov 2021

Location: Campbellfield

Client: Ford Motor Co

Job value: $500k

The Brief:
The ‘small parts’ paint kilns at the old Ford Motor Co Factory were 140 meters long and 5 meters high. Containing friable insulation duct work and non-friable paper gaskets, all of which needed to be removed in a short timeline.

The Challenge:
Ark Industrial consulted three other companies who could not commit to the short timeline. GMA were consulted and despite the challenges, we were confident we could deliver.

How did we remove such a high volume of asbestos in such a short time?


We performed a comprehensive job study:
We performed a comprehensive site assessment prior to any asbestos removal work taking place. Doing this allows us to look at the job as a whole and create an action plan specifically tailored to the challenges at hand.

We found that in dismantling the kiln panels as a whole piece, we could both minimise potential contamination and move a lot faster than had we needed to separate them.

We have the tools, equipment, and transport on the ready:
When using external contractors, you need to work around multiple schedules. This is why we have everything we need to tackle Class A and B asbestos removal in house, giving us upmost flexibility.

This ensures we have the tools and equipment on site when we need them, ensuring we can tackle emergencies or tight deadlines with confidence and without delays.

We invest in staff training and development:
When dealing with asbestos, being fully qualified is the bare minimum. This is why we always ensure every second of an asbestos removal job has a senior staff member on site. This way we can ensure every single one of our team members is always 100% safe.

Big jobs and tight deadlines can put pressure on staff, which can lead to mistakes. When dealing with asbestos, we don’t get a margin for error.

This is why we invest the extra time into planning and staff development. Ensuring we save time by finding ways to make the job more efficient, not putting our workers under the pump and never risking their safety.

We were able to get the asbestos removed in the required time, the end result was a bare steel frame cleared and left for disposal by the demolition contractor.