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Asbestos isn’t always contained to commercial or domestic properties; it can often be found in places you wouldn’t generally expect. This could be due to incorrect demolition or dumping of waste, through to fire or underground asbestos pipework.

Asbestos doesn’t naturally break down or dissipate over time. This means once something is contaminated by asbestos, it will remain so until the site has undergone remediation. GMA Asbestos can arrange a site test, then using our fleet of excavators, loaders, and trucks… safely remove (and rehabilitate) the effected area.

To date, we have successfully removed over 250,000 tonnes of Asbestos Contaminated Waste and Soil from a range of different sites and locations.

See our full range of Remediation Services below…

Asbestos Impacted Soils

Even once asbestos has been removed from a location, it is not uncommon to find traces of it in the soil, especially if it was removed incorrectly. Speak to GMA Asbestos about arranging a comprehensive site test. If you have Asbestos Impacted Soil, we have the qualifications, machinery, and expertise to remove it safely.

Fire Damaged Asbestos Buildings

We understand that having fire damage your home or business can be stressful enough. Unfortunately, asbestos is at its most dangerous when exposed or recently disturbed. GMA Asbestos can assist with safely removing asbestos contaminated waste caused by fire. We also have a 24 hour call out service for emergencies.

Asbestos Impacted Wastes 

Either through incorrect demolition or illegal dumping, asbestos waste needs to be safely removed ASAP. We can also safely excavate buried waste or professionally clean the site if required.

Removal of Asbestos Roofing / Eaves / Wall sheeting

We can safely remove asbestos roofing, eaves or wall sheeting from your home or business. Read more about our Commercial and Domestic services via the top menu.

Asbestos Floor Tiles

A lot of older floor tiles contain asbestos ingredients; this can become hazardous when the tiles begin to crack and break apart overtime. We can safely remove and dispose of the asbestos tiles, leaving you a (safe) blank slate.

Asbestos Pipework

A lot of older pipes were built using asbestos cement, they can be an unpleasant surprise when excavating an area… or a constant risk of contamination if still in use. We have the machinery and expertise to safely excavate, remove, and dispose of asbestos pipework.

Asbestos Insulation

Asbestos Insulation is a friable asbestos which is loosely packed and can easily crumble and disperse, making it incredibly dangerous when exposed or disturbed. Contact us to arrange a free 24 hour quote.

We offer a Free 24Hr Quote Guarantee